One-on-one Therapy and Coaching

Amanda can help you move from stuckness and pain to transforming your life and emotions to abundance, happiness and power.  This is no ordinary talk therapy or light-weight coaching; with Amanda’s vast experience and skill, based on your needs, she uses a potent mix of coaching and therapy tools, including the latest mind-body techniques to help you heal and blossom quickly, easily and effectively.

A session with Amanda is respectful and warm, but is also light-hearted and enjoyable.  Expect to laugh and maybe cry, gain insights, and most importantly, to make lasting and profound changes to help you become the person you love and dream you can be.

Client Testimonials

“After my session with Amanda, all I could say was Wow!  Wow!  Wow!  It was incredible!  I felt what I can describe as a feeling of unconditional love flowing through every cell in my whole body.  I have been using the tapping every day since and I feel so empowered that I have a tool I can use to help me.  I love it!  I want to practice it so I can share it with my husband and family”


“Thank you for eliminating my problem with panic attacks in a single EFT session. I have no sense of orientation and I used to be overcome by panic in large shopping centres, car parks and busy places fearing to get lost or not being able to find the car. I still have no sense of orientation but the panic is gone and I am amazed how much that frees my brain capacity to concentrate on the task on hand. I can actually enjoy myself now. I have also noticed that I no longer panic in other stressful situations.

Thanks again”


“This year I was faced with a number of ”hard issues”. My 34-year marriage had ended with betrayal and desertion, I was made redundant from a job that I had given my heart and soul to and my daughter was about to get married – and I was in a bad place –  feeling very negative, very alone, deserted and betrayed, yet knowing I had to be positive for my daughter’s sake. Amanda was my therapist through the eight-month period and really assisted me to make the transformational changes I needed.  I now find myself really happy and positive about whatever life brings. Her use of ‘tapping’ was particularly beneficial – as was her recommendation to other resources and reading material. I looked forward to every session and I feel that having her guidance has helped me build a much better foundation of self-love that will stand me in good stead for whatever curve balls are sent my way in the future. Amanda is very professional but also very caring – and I would thoroughly recommend her as she genuinely has the interests of her clients front and centre”