About Me

Experience – Dedication – Results

Amanda has worked with over five thousand clients in over 30 years of helping people transform their lives.  She can help you with anxiety, stress, depression, life transitions, grief and loss, addictions, trauma, weight loss and workplace bullying and other challenging issues.

Amanda Pain, EFT practitioner

Amanda has a master’s degree in counselling, an undergraduate degree in psychology and sociology, graduate diplomas in family dispute resolution and marketing, she has Nationally accredited diplomas in hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming. She has studied executive coaching through the University of Cambridge in the UK, and is an accredited trainer in emotional freedom techniques through EFT International. She has spent several years studying for a PhD in emotional freedom techniques. It was a long and arduous haul and she hopes to return and complete it sometime before she dies – but she has too many lives to change right now to spend hours poring over academic literature.


Amanda is a master trainer for EFT International and a Clinical member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA)