Group Coaching and Courses

Personal transformation is fun as you connect and learn with other in these delightful workshops!

Build the Life You REALLY Want

A life-enhancing program to help you gain the focus, confidence and power to live your dreams. Join an adventure-filled journey of self-discovery which will invite joy, purpose and fulfilment.

Watch your courage and passion for life unfold as you learn to live life on your own terms, listen to your heart and not your fears, build connection and congruence with your soul.

Enjoy six weeks of gaining clarity and energy to reach your dreams in alignment with your values.

This program was previously taught at Bremer TAFE, Queensland.

Dreams and Goals

A fun 3 hour workshop to help you clarify your dreams and goals, and tap away any doubts that you can bring your dreams into reality

You will learn:

  • Natural laws which can help you achieve your goals
  • To understand a bit about the way our brains can either help us achieve our dreams and goals or thwart our efforts
  • Get excited and allow ourselves to dream big
  • Create a vision board
  • Eliminate doubt these dreams can be yours

Slim from Within

A series of four fun workshops to help you in finding your ‘slim slide from the inside’. You know that eating and exercise are only a part of becoming slim and healthy. Slim from Within is a four-week program which will assist you in clearing out the emotional and mental clutter which stops you from being able to achieve and maintain your weight.

You will learn leading energy therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping to support you in your weight loss goals by dealing with emotional issues around weight, food and physical activity

You will learn to:

  • Reduce and eliminate food cravings
  • Change tastes from unhealthy foods towards healthy food choices
  • Develop greater self-compassion and a more positive body image
  • Increase motivation for physical activity
  • Develop and strengthen your health and wellness goals

Tapping Back Your Vitality

Ideal for our older citizens who want to maintain their youthful vigour! A five-week workshop in emotional freedom techniques to help boost your health, happiness and vitality. Start feeling young again!

You will learn:

  • Tapping to reduce physical pain and gain more ease
  • Clear emotions around grief and loss, sadness, frustration
  • Change beliefs around feelings about age and vitality to positive empowering ones
  • Look at ways to enhance eyesight, reduce insomnia
  • Clarify and anchor in health and happiness goals