Emotional Freedom Technique Groups, Workshops and Accredited Training

The Tapping Spot has a broad range of EFT groups and workshops to meet your needs:

Curious about EFT?  Want to connect with other tappers on a regular basis and share in the joy, benefits and community?

Monthly Tapping Circle

A wonderful low-cost way to experience a warm and supportive group and experience the powerful process of EFT while enjoying the connectedness and community of other caring participants.

No experience in EFT is necessary, just book and come along! Participants typically include those who have just heard about EFT and are curious to find out more, those with some experience, and students and practitioners of EFT who want to keep in touch and deepen their EFT practice.

Experience EFT first-hand under the guidance and supervision of highly skilled and supportive practitioners and trainers. The evening is tailored for those present.

Amanda has been running tapping circles for over two years.  Here is what some of the participants have said:

Love it!  Always moving, always healing, always amazing!  Amanda is always professional, compassionate, understanding and caring.


Feeling very lucky to spend time with such a lovely, supportive and inspiring circle of women. Thank you, Amanda!


Marvelous as usual!  Such a great group to be part of.


Lovely intimate, helpful, interesting.  Thank you again beautiful Amanda for your great leadership, and the beautiful connection between all the ladies in the group working together for healing and change.


A wonderfully supportive group with an excellent coordinator.  Thank you for a great evening of tapping.


A big thank you to Amanda and all the lovely ladies who attended the EFT meeting last night.  I came away feeling lighter and brighter than I have in a while.  Looking forward to catching up with you all next month.


It was lovely being part of the tapping circle.  I experienced a feeling of support and integrity.

Name withheld

Thank you.  What a supportive group, felt very comfortable sharing.


Wanting to learn how to tap from a professional?

Introduction to Tapping:

This fun and interactive 3-hour workshop is for those who are new to tapping and would like to learn the technique to help them in their lives both physically and emotionally, and also for those who would like to progress their knowledge and skills towards gaining accreditation as an EFT Practitioner and help others change and enhance their lives.

This 3-hour workshop is run from 6pm-9pm or from 9am-12pm.  It is rich with learning, tapping, laughing and possibly a tiny bit of crying.  Bring along some worries and troubles to work on and a willing mind and heart.


Contact me for available dates

Do you want to use EFT in your therapy or coaching practice by becoming an accredited practitioner?

EFT International Accredited EFT Training:

Learn this invaluable leading energy therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), to use with your clients, yourself and your family, to deal with stress, anxiety, physical pain, emotional distress, cravings and a host of other physical and emotional challenges.

This training is run according to the stringent EFT International syllabus.

The EFTi Level 1 & 2 Practitioner Training is run over 3 days Thursday – Saturday, 9am-5pm

Participants of Amanda’s EFT training recommend:

“Amanda is a wonderful EFT trainer.  She is thorough in her approach and attentiveness to her students, being helpful and patient in all aspects of EFT training”


“Wow!  This has been life changing!  I can’t believe how settled and at peace I feel after this”


“I ‘loved’ the tapping exercises.  The facilitator had great knowledge of the process and made it easy and effortless to understand”

Name withheld

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course.  Amanda’s approach was painstaking, very patient and understanding and made me feel empowered and valued”


“I have cleared issues that have been holding me back in my life. The course was perfect the way it is!”


“After the tapping workshop I have been able to speak my mind. I have gotten a greater sense of care for myself.  I have been telling everyone about tapping!”


For EFT Practitioners

EFTi Accredited EFT Supervision and Mentoring

Supervision and mentoring is an important part of Continual Professional Development (CPD) and six hours of annual supervision are required to meet EFTi  guidelines for all EFT Practitioners and students.

As an EFTi Accredited Certified EFT supervisor and mentor I offer:

  • Group Supervision mornings (2 hours) in Ormiston once every two months
  • One-to-one sessions, face-to-face or via Zoom

Group Supervision and Mentoring

Group Supervision  (maximum 6 participants

EFT Supervision and mentoring sessions within a group environment enables learning and support from both from me and other the group members. Sessions are two hours.

During the sessions we share:

  • Case studies, reflecting on different approaches to improve results
  • Discuss challenging cases
  • New and creative ways of working
  • Demonstrations
  • Latest developments in the field

One-to-One Supervision

These sessions are available face-to-face or via Zoom.  One-to-one sessions will be beneficial if you would like to discuss a particular case in detail or you have a high case load and would like extra support.  Sessions can focus on both your client work as well as your own needs as a therapist or practitioner.

Phone Amanda 0405 716 466 or email amanda@thetappingspot.com.au to book.

EFT i Guidelines for CPD and Supervision – Level 2 and Level 3 Practitioners and students

The following CPD and Supervision guidelines apply to all EFTi Accredited and/or Certified Practitioners/ Advanced Practitioners. EFT students who have attended a Level 2 training course will also need to undertake supervision.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD is not meant as extra work or expense, but rather the normal commitment made by conscientious practitioners to develop personally and professionally, and keep up to date with developments in the field. When working with others it is also strongly encouraged for a practitioner/ therapist to work on clearing their own issues, which may otherwise interfere with their client work.

Level 2 and Advanced EFT Practitioners are required to accumulate a minimum of 30 hours CPD per year. Here are some examples of activities that count towards CPD:

Carrying out ANY personal or professional development activity that could reasonably be expected to add to a practitioner’s competency, including:

  • Attending or delivering ANY professional training (EFT oriented or otherwise) that could reasonably be expected to add to a practitioner’s competency
  • Repeating training and/or preparing for further professional accreditation
  • Writing up and reflecting on the Practitioner’s own case studies and/or theory and philosophy of practice
  • Staying up to date with developments in EFT and/or EFTi
  • Reading relevant books and newsletters
  • Regular use of the Personal Peace Procedure and other forms of personal therapy, with or without the help of others
  • Participating in EFT discussion groups or teleconferences
  • Establishing a practice and/or documenting the integration of EFT into an existing practice

Carrying out ANY activity that furthers the interests of the EFT community including:

  • Taking EFT into the community
  • Developing a specific application of EFT (e.g. for sports or business)
  • Translating EFT material into another language
  • Developing a new EFT product/approach with wide application
  • Carrying out and publishing a relevant research project
  • Writing and publishing or contributing to a relevant book, e-book or newsletter
  • Writing up the achievement of a major life ambition with EFT
  • Moderating EFT tapping or discussion groups or teleconferences etc etc

Under these Guidelines, all EFTi Practitioners (which includes Levels 2, 3 and EFTi Master Trainers and Master Trainers of Trainers) are required to commit to and acquire at least 30 hours of CPD per year to maintain their listing on the EFTi Practitioner register. In practice, many Practitioners accumulate substantially more than this. The hours should ideally be balanced across several CPD categories, and include a reasonable proportion of relevant professional training (either as attendee or as the Trainer delivering the training) as described above.

All the CPDs gained must be recorded, together with attendance certificates and/or receipts as appropriate, and retained as evidence for at least 5 years in case asked for by the EFTi.


Under these Guidelines, Practitioners (including Master Trainers and Master Trainers of Trainers) who are seeing clients one-to-one or in groups (or training groups) are required to have an absolute minimum of at least six hours supervision each year, although most professional practising practitioners will want to do more.

The supervision, which can be taken individually or in groups, must be formally recorded, together with any attendance certificates and/or receipts as appropriate, and retained as evidence for at least 5 years in case this may be asked for by the EFTi.

Students who are working towards qualification at Level 2 are also required to undertake a minimum of 6 hours supervision before they can qualify as a Certified/ Accredited EFT Practitioner.

In line with the importance of practitioner support and development, it is now a requirement for all EFTi-registered practitioners (from Level 2 upwards) to undertake supervision in order to maintain their practitioner status. If this applies to you then you will need a minimum of 6 individual or group supervision hours per year (group size not to exceed 8 participants). If you have a high case load or work with serious issues it would be appropriate to increase the amount of supervision you undertake.

About EFT International

EFT International is a voluntary, not-for-profit association started in 1999.  EFTi is committed to advancing and upholding the highest standards for education, training, professional development and promotion of the skillful, creative and ethical application of EFT.

EFTi provides a respected training framework for EFT, which is used worldwide by a large network of EFTi Accredited Trainers.

See the EFT International websit eftinternational.org